Terms and Conditions for Listings and Advertisements

Britic Media Ltd. shall use all best efforts to publish the listing or advertisement as requested but cannot accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage, or consequences thereof, caused by error or inaccuracy in the printing, late publication or omission of any editorial, listing advertising material within email, online or print copies of Britić magazine or on its website www.britic.co.uk.

The listing or advertisement shall appear entirely at the discretion of the editor and there is no guarantee that any listing or advertisement will appear in Britić magazine or any particular issue of the magazine.No correspondence shall be entered into.

All relevant mechanical data must be provided, and full settlement of all payments due for listing or advertisement according to the current rate card must be cleared by noon GMT on stated copy date in order for the listing or advertising material to appear in requested issue of Britić magazine or website.

Any artwork shall be provided as print-ready JPEG or PDF in 300dpi or above.

Any text shall be provided in RTF or text format.

Advertisements must comply to the mechanical data requirements.Any additional origination work required will be charged for.

Advertisements and listings must comply with current statutory requirements.

Unless a premium position has been requested and agreed, siting of the advertisement rests with Britic Media Ltd.

Britic Media Ltd retains the right to decline, or to request amendments to, any advertisement which, in its opinion, is unsuitable for the publication.

All such material shall be submitted entirely at your own risk.

This listing or advertisement is bound by applicable UK laws only.

We are pleased to originate advertisements to advertisersí specifications. Details are available on request.

All copy shall be sent to ads@britic.co.uk.

Data Protection Act: To list or advertise in Britić, we hold this information in a database.We may keep you informed about this and our other publications or selected third party mailings (e.g. cheap flights).